Do You Know Quantum Think? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World

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Venue:Books & Books, 9700 Collins Ave Bal Harbour Shops

Author Dianne Collins was inspired and guided to create the groundbreaking system of thinking known as QuantumThink® when she asked herself two perplexing questions—With 6,000 years of wisdom available at the click of a mouse, how is it we’re still not living it? And secondly ... If all you had to do is change your thinking to change your life and the world, then why does the world still look the way it does? Dianne’s fervent pursuit of satisfying answers to these questions led her to a critical discovery that she will discuss at this premiere book signing event. Can learning to think from a more accurate world view have us effortlessly living the wisdom known at the heart of all spiritual traditions—not just knowing the wisdom, but living it?

Dianne Collins is an important thought-leader of our time; her workshops and consulting sessions are widely sought after by a clientele that includes politicians, celebrities, and CEOs alike. In his Foreword to the book, quantum physicist Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D. (AKA Dr. Quantum), writes, “Dianne Collins has fully felt the ‘quantum’ impact and has dedicated her life to teaching others basic principles that impact their lives and solve old problems with a new way of thinking called and invented by her, QuantumThink®.”

Join us in the elegant Books & Books store in Bal Harbour Shops, 9700 Collins Avenue.

Wednesday, February 16th 2011 | 7:30pm-9:00pm

Arrive early and listen to opening music from the South Beach Chamber Ensemble.

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