Certificate in the Study of Spirituality Course Offerings

The Certificate in the Study of Spirituality is a 15 credit certificate. The only required course is REL 3027. The remaining 12 credits may be selected from the courses listed below, or any FIU course with a minimum of one-third spirituality-related content. Courses in this list are pre-approved. For other courses, submit a copy of the syllabus with the instructor’s sign-off that it fulfills this criterion.To ensure a multidisciplinary approach, no more than half of a student’s program may come from any one department.

Note: this list is subject to change

College of Architecture and the Arts

Art and Art History

AFA 4301 African Visual Art
ARH 3210 Early Christian and Byzantine Art
ARH 4503 Art and Shamanism
ARH 4504 Primitive Art
ARH 4534C Buddhist Art of Asia
ARH 4552 Arts of China and Japan

Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs

Asian Studies

ASN 3403 / REL 3342 Zen and the Art of Tea Ceremony I
ASN 4404 Zen and the Art of Tea Ceremony II
ASN 3931 Special Topics in Asian Studies: Spirituality in Japan
ASN 3410 Introduction to East Asia (UCC Foundations Global Learning OR Discipline-Specific Global Learning)
ASN 4390 Modern Asia
JPN 3500 Japanese Culture and Society (Discipline-Specific Global Learning as of Spring 2013)

Global and Sociocultural Studies

ANT 3241 Myth, Ritual, and Mysticism
ANT 4461 Psychedelics and Culture


GEO 5557 Globalization


EUH 4025 Saints, Relics and Miracles in Medieval Europe

Politics and International Relations

INR 3061 Conflict, Security and Peace Studies in INR
INR 3227 INR of South Asia
INR 4013 Development of International Relations Thought
INR 4077 International Relations & Women’s Human Rights
INR 4082 Islam in International Relations

Religious Studies

REL 2011 Religion: Analysis and Interpretation
REL 3012 Religious Myth and Ritual
REL 3020 Meditation and Spiritual Development
REL 3021 Magic and Ecstasy in New Religions
REL 3024 Religions, Life and Vegetarianism
REL 3026 Folk Religions in Asia and the World
REL 3027 Meditation and Mystical Traditions
REL 3028 Sacred Places, Sacred Travels
REL 3029 Christian Mysticism
REL 3075 Magic and Religions
REL 3076 New Religious Movements
REL 3077 Sacred Image, Sacred Space in India
REL 3091 Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth
REL 3111 Religion in Film
REL 3123 Asian Religions in the Americas
REL 3131 Sects and Cults
REL 3139 African-American Religious Movements
REL 3140 Contemporary Global Spirituality
REL 3142 Sacred Selfhood and Society
REL 3145 / 5145 Women and Religion
REL 3171 Sex and Religion
REL 3180 Medical and Bioethics
REL 3185 Healers and Mediums
REL 3308 Studies in World Religions
REL 3310 Introduction to Asian Religions
REL 3313 Sources of Modern Asian Society
REL 3314 Religion on the Silk Road
REL 3325 Religions of Classical Mythology
REL 3330 Religions of India
REL 3333 Classical Hinduism
REL 3336 Introduction to Jainism
REL 3337 The Goddess in India
REL 3340 Survey of Buddhism
REL 3342 Zen and the Tea Ceremony
REL 3343 Indian Buddhism
REL 3344 Tibetan Buddhism
REL 3349 Buddhist Literatures REL 3362 Islamic Faith & Society
REL 3375 Religions of the Caribbean
REL 3380 Native American Religions
REL 3392 Jewish Mysticism
REL 3398 Rhythms of the Sacred
REL 3399 The Art of Yoga and Meditation
REL 3453 Jainism and the Modern World
REL 3490 Behind the Da Vinci Code
REL 3492 Earth Ethics
REL 3520 Saints, Witches and Cathedrals
REL 3564 Modern Catholicism
REL 3607 Intro to Judaism
REL 3627 Kabbalah and the Bible
REL 3672 Religion and Society in Israel
REL 3690 Hasidic Thought
REL 3695 The Golden Age of Sephardic Jewry
REL 4105 Latino/a Immigration and Religion
REL 4146 Feminist Theology and Ethics
REL 4311 Religious Classics of Asia
REL 4312 Jews of Asia and Africa
REL 4335 Modern Hinduisms
REL 4340 Pathways to Buddha
REL 4345 Zen Buddhism
REL 4351 Religion and Japanese Culture
REL 4361 Women in Islam
REL 4370 African Religions
REL 4381 Native Religions of Latin America
REL 4382 Latin American Women and Religions in the Americas
REL 4434 Religion and Queer Theory
REL 4623 Peace, War, and Kabbalah
REL 4626 Jewish Sephardic Thought
REL 4694 Kabbalah and Sexuality
REL 5183 Religion, Nature, and Globalization
REL 5502 Saints, Witches and Missionaries

College of Arts, Sciences and Education


LIT 3170 Topics in Literature and Jewish Culture
LIT 3930 Migrant Stories: Jewish and Caribbean/Caribbean and Jewish
LIT 4403 Symbols and Myths

Earth and the Environment

EVR 3402 Asian Environmental Studies
EVR 4415 Population and Culture
IDS 4920 Liberal Studies Colloquia: Deep Ecology


HUM 4555 Symbols and Myths
HUM 4392 Human Concerns


PHH 3810 Philosophy of Buddhism
PHH 3840 Indian Philosophy
PHI 3762 Eastern Philosophical and Religious Thought
PHI 4930* Special Topics: Cosmological Arguments*
PHM 4050 Philosophy of Death

*This course may only be used towards a Spirituality Certificate if it was taken in Spring 2014.


CLP 4314 Psychology of Health and Illness
PPE 4514 Psychology of Dreams and Dreaming
PPE 3502 Psychology of Consciousness
SOP 4712 Environmental Psychology

College of Business

MAN 4054 Managing Innovation
MAN 4065 Business Ethics
MAN 4142 Intuition in Management
MAN 4294 Creativity and Innovation
MAN 4701 Business in Society
MAN 4864 Family Business

School of Education and Human Development

EDF 2085 Teaching Diverse Populations
EDF 3521 Education in History
EDF 6689 Urban Education: Defining the Field
EDF 6608 Social, Philosophical, and Historical Foundations of Education

Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health Sciences

HSC 2100 Healthy Lifestyles through Wellness
IHS 4111 Values, Ethics and Conflict Resolution

Robert Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work

Public Health

HSC 4751 Statistical Applications
PHC 3101 Introduction to Public Health
PHC 4024 Principles of Applied Epidemiology

Social Work

SOW 3620 Social Work and Human Diversity
SOW 3801 Self-Awareness and Self-Modification for Practice
SOW 5109 Crises in the Lives of Women

Honors College

IDH 1001 Origin of Ideas
IDA 1002 Ideas of Origins
IDH 3035 Honors Seminar V: Aesthetics, Values, and Authority - Myth and Ritual in Film


HFT 3074 Personal Empowerment