How to Enroll

Enroll in the Program

To enroll in the Certificate in the Study of Spirituality Program, please submit the Undergraduate Certificate Application Form to DM 302. This form must be submitted at the time you decide to "enroll" in the certificate program.

Certificate Completion

Once you have completed all the certificate requirements, please submit the checklist to Jessica Beck ( in SIPA 529.

Along with the checklist, 1) Please complete the following 5 question survey that asks about your experience in the Program in the Study of Spirituality by clicking here.

2) You must also provide two (2) spirituality-related assignments, preferably papers from prior classes, that we will evaluate. The evaluation does NOT impact your receiving the certificate; it is solely for the program’s assessment requirements. These should be papers (or other assignments) from prior courses, that can illustrate your related knowledge. Please, submit these to Program Director Professor Erin Weston at